Wayfarer Wines is a family run vineyard, created by the Ashford family. Together they manage two vineyards totalling just over 8 acres under vine, with a plan to plant a further 7.5 acres in the near future.

Matt, Vineyard Manager, says:

“Our focus is creating truly outstanding still wines from Kent, unlike many English Vineyards, we don’t produce any sparkling at all!

It all began in 2016 when Jeff, my father, planted the first vineyard to the rear of the Ashford family home. We realized there was a gap in the market for English still wines, we felt they were an afterthought, not the priority when making decisions around viticulture and harvests.

As still wine producers the driving force behind all our decisions is quality over quantity and really allowing the sugars and characteristic flavours of the grape to develop to their fullest potential to ensure the best possible still wines.”

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