Tuffon Hall

Tuffon Hall are a modern, boutique vineyard in the heart of East Anglia producing elegant, award-winning wines of the highest standard.

Angus and Pod Crowther have been producing wine since 2014, but the family have been working the land for four and a half generations.

Since 1910 the family has been involved in producing quality crops for the drinks industry.

From their roots of growing malting barley for local beer and whisky, to Bacchus, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier that was first planted in 2011.

There is a deep-seated connection to the land and a commitment to treating it sustainably and with respect.

At the heart of the wines is an unfailing commitment to quality and the craft of viticulture.

Angus and Pod believe that gentle consideration goes along way to ensuring that the wines perfectly represent the terroir of the vineyard and continue to win awards and accolades.

East Anglia is now regarded as being on a par with Sussex as the ideal place for English wine to thrive.

Through respecting the land and the local ecosystem, Tuffon Hall work hard to make sure that the wines carry a sense of place through to the glass.

Constantly searching for ways to make the wines the best that they can be, and always looking to refine the way that they work.

The wines are named after the ‘half’ generation of the family, Angus and Pod’s three daughters Amelie, Beatrice and Charlotte.

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