Toppesfield’s story started in 2012 when Jane and Peter Moore had the opportunity to buy some agricultural land next to their home.

They knew from previous research that the valley around Toppesfield was heavily planted with vines in Roman Times; this theory was supported by the discovery in the 1800s of the remains of a Roman centurion, his sword blade, metal wine vase and small cups in the field where we have planted the current vineyard.

This history gave Jane and Peter the inspiration to create a 21st century vineyard in the rolling hills around Toppesfield.

They started marking out the ground for the vineyard in the winter.

Jane and Peter chose Bacchus as the main white grape variety.

It is a ‘cool climate’ grape which has proven to be very successful in East Anglia’s dry and sunny climate.

It has hints of gooseberry and elderflower and really does evoke sensations of English hedgerows in early summer.

They also selected Pinot Noir Fruhburgunder, an early ripening red grape, which makes excellent rosé wine in our climate.

Toppesfield recently opened their Wine Centre and look forward to welcoming tourists to the vineyard.

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